Thursday, January 7, 2010

Poor Piper...

This face pretty much sums up how Piper's been feeling for a few days. 

Oh.  Goodie.  Her first sick.

I'm still not sure how she got a tummy bug.  I thought it was her gallbladder (and, frankly, I'm still not convinced that it's not...).  We work so hard to keep her germ-free; I can't believe she caught something.  Oye.

My mom was wonderful and bought Piper some Pedialyte today so we didn't have to get out (Thank you Thank you Thank you!).  Too bad she refused it.  She's such a big fan of the bottle to start with.  (Sense the sarcasm???)  At least we can say we tried.

Nana had to prove that just because something isn't colored, doesn't mean it's taste-free.

Unflavored Pedialyte?  So icky.  I was forced (yes, forced) to try it when I was laughing at Piper's faces when she was trying to drink it.  Piper approved of Nana's games.

I'm really hoping that she'll be better tomorrow.  She seemed to be tonight, but that's what I thought the last two afternoons, too. 

Sick babies = no fun.


  1. It is really hard to keep them germ free. Our doctor said that a germ that makes us just a little congested, can totally take over their little bodies. Every germ is new to them. We do a lot of hand washing and sanatizing and before anyone can touch Aubrey they have to wash. I am even starting to wash her hands now since she constantly puts them in her mouth. She is also not allowed to touch anything at the doctors office (which is the only place we go now:)

    Hope she feels better.

  2. Yay - another Piper! (Thanks for your comment on my blog)
    I can't believe she is already standing!!!! Awesome. Max hates to put any weight on his legs - grrr.
    Hope she feels better soon :)

  3. That was the ONE perk of having a toobie-fed munchkin...we can get the nasty stuff down without batting an eye. Poor, poor PiperPea. Get well soon, Bug.