Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy, Happy Friday!

We got some special visitors today!  My friend, Alison, and her two boys came to play.  Okay, Alison came to play with me, and her boys tagged along.  Semantics, semantics… 

Alison’s youngest, Noah, is 6 weeks old.  We saw him a few weeks ago—he was so tiny!  It was the first baby I had seen that was smaller than Piper was at that point. 

Today, however, was another story.  Maybe he can explain to Piper how this growing business actually works. 

…and size is not the only place Piper’s been outgrown—check out this hair!

I got to hold him the same way I used to hold Piper in the NICU.  Even by the time she came home, she’d outgrown the ability to sit in the fetal position—I miss holding babies that way! 

Please excuse the inexplicable absence of pictures outside of the babies.  They are, of course, the center of all attention.  Even when they’re sleeping. 

Surprise?  I think not…


  1. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Cute that they were sleeping together:) I miss that part of it!

  2. So sweet!! So Piper will be petite-nothing wrong with that!!

  3. By the way I have a Bennett and I'm loving the names Piper and Bennett together so if Piper is ever looking for a boyfriend, you know where to find us:)