Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Eve, Varsity version

After the girls went to bed last night, Brie and I were very glad that they are such good sleepers.  It didn't take long for Rock Band to be broken out.  Somehow, the girls managed to sleep through the uproarious laughter, bad (and sometimes not so bad) singing, and overall sense of merriment that was occurring not 20 feet from their bedroom door. 

...and let's just say that the boys are lucky I didn't get video of them trying to sing and play girl band songs.

Meredith and Kimi watching (and not making fun of) the boys' band

Although, I must say-- for a bunch of us old-fogy married couples, there is quite a bit of talent packed into one room!

Most of the laughter, however, did not come from the band game.  All I'm gonna say is "BeanBoozled"... 

You'll have to ask Luke (or maybe Sean would be the better expert?) for the details on that event, however...  In the meantime, let the pictures suffice.

Sean and Andy-- you can thank Nick and Yuki for your perilous journey at our house.  And Nick and Yuki?  I think you guys may be in a bit of trouble...

...and Mom?  No, these faces are not due to my singing...  I convinced the rest of them that they didn't want to be subjected to that.

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  1. I'm not sure if you convinced us of anything. We kept trying to get you to sing all night! :) I was mostly just impressed that Eric sang a song. We had so much fun, thanks for the great evening (and very late night)!