Friday, January 8, 2010

Oh, the Gall(bladder)!

Piper's finally starting to feel a little better today.  She wasn't yesterday afternoon, so we called to see if we could get into the doctor this morning.  I figured that, our luck, she'd get really sick over the weekend and end up in urgent care instead, so we might as well try and out-smart it this way.  And besides- Piper thought she'd miss her beloved doctors if she had to go a full two months without seeing them. 

And so, since we went in, of course she feels better.  Go figure. 

She weighed in at a whopping 10 pounds 2 ounces today.  Peanut.

Anyway, her doctor isn't convinced that her problems this week aren't caused by her gallbladder.  Oh, joy.  So, we're starting her on a new medication that should help out, if that's the problem.  We go to see the GI doctor on the 27th; I'm glad that we're already starting with him, especially if this is related to that.  On the upside, she doesn't think that she's contagious, so maybe I can get out of the house this weekend (which I'm really glad about because we have a baby shower to go to tomorrow!). 

I mean, really-- is this the face of a sick kiddle???


  1. Way to go Piper! Over the 10lb hump! I may have missed it, but what made you even think of her gall bladder as causing her to be sick?