Monday, January 11, 2010

At least SHE gets her own jokes...

It's been one of those busy-but-not-with-anything-big types of weekends.  Piper and I went to Meredith's baby shower on Saturday, and nursed Piper back to health with a session of retail therapy beforehand.  I think it worked.  She's been so happy this weekend.  You know that feeling when you've been sick, and you start to feel better, and you feel so over-the-top happy because you forgot what it felt like to feel good?  I think that's where Piper's been living.  She's been non-stop smiling!

We went over to my friend's house this morning to see her new little boy (this was, by the way, the first baby we've seen who is smaller than Piper...).  She fell asleep on the car ride there, but woke up as soon as we got there.  Darn.  So much for her morning nap.  We went to lunch, and I was hoping that she'd fall asleep on the way home.  No go.  Got home, fed her, and hoped she'd take a nap after.  I finally rocked her to sleep, laid her down in bed, and her eyes popped open.  Great.  I turned on her musical seahorse, and left her in her room, figuring that she'd be asleep in just a few minutes.  I didn't hear anything from her, so I checked on her about half an hour later.

Asleep?  Ha...  Yeah, right.

She was absolutely cracking herself up about something.  I peeked my head in-- she was smiling, laughing, rolling around, playing with her toy...  Basically having herself a grand ol' time.  And NOT sleeping.

And, like a good parent, instead of putting her back to sleep, I had to grab the camera. 

She's finally asleep now; hopefully she'll stay that way for a little while. 

...and maybe, just maybe, she'll sleep past 4:30 tomorrow morning???  Please???

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