Saturday, January 16, 2010

The excitement must have been unbearable

After a hectic week, I had half a mind to be on house arrest all weekend.  All weekend.  But when the weather forecast said 55 degrees for today, I knew we had to take a nice, long walk.  With all of us, including the dogs.

I had visions of going to the fair grounds (which is about 4 miles from the house), and had even contemplated packing a lunch.  I thought of Piper sitting with me as the dogs got to play ball.  I even thought we could see if she'd "throw" (with help, of course) for them.  I thought we could play in the playground at the preschool up the street.  Maybe she'd like the slide!

We left out the door, and about 5 blocks from the house, I look back, and this is what I see:

Completely asleep.  Totally fast asleep.  Not even stirring on the bumps.  I was a little worried about her being able to breath, so I kept checking on her.  She was completely and totally content.

She was obviously just as excited as I was...

We kept on our walk (we decided to take the shorter one just up to the open space and back).  We got to a place where we usually let the dogs off-leash so that they can "go fast" (we say the phrase, and they go crazy.  Seriously.  I have full intentions of teaching this to Piper, too.  I'm sure it'll come in handy then as well). 

Piper slept.

The dogs fully enjoyed themselves.

Maggie ate snow (a favorite winter past time of mine, which I hate to admit).

She also rediscovered her love of snow when it's warm outside.  It makes a perfect way to cool off.

The baby?  Oh yeah, she slept.


Somewhere in the midst of all the mayhem, one of the dogs decided they needed to check on the baby, too.  Doing so, of course, required a nice big lick of a snow-infested mouth.  On the top of her head.  I'll spare you from the picture of a drool-covered baby.  Partly to prevent a call to CPS.  I decided maybe she needed her hat back on.  Still, she slept.

We finally made it home.  I took the baby inside, and laid her in her crib.  She's been asleep the whole time. 

She's probably exhausted by her 5 am wake-up call.  Oh, wait-- she's the one that did the waking...


  1. Beautiful! We're enjoying some warm winter weather too. Hoping that Aubrey will wake up in time for a little wagon ride before dinner. You and Piper have had me thinking about it for awhile now:)

  2. Oh.. how cute!! She must have been exhausted!