Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Benefits of living in Baby-dom

You never know how your life is actually going to change when you have a baby.  Sometimes, those changes are glorious events that you never thought possible.
Like saving the sanity of your dog.
Duncan is a wuss. 
An absolute wuss.
He’s afraid of everything.  Skate boards, razer scooters, bikes (no, it’s not wheels—cars he likes…), popping sounds, broomsticks, anything that looks like a broomstick…  Shall I continue???
About the worst of his fears, however, has been the camera.  Or anything that looks like a camera.  Or anything that’s pointed at him that could possible be construed as a camera.  It terrified him to the very core of his being.  If we took out the camera, we could usually find him in the bathtub a few hours later.  Yes, it’s that embarrassing.
But see, something miraculous happened when Piper was born (outside of her actually being born, of course).
The camera is by far the most used appliance in our house.  And for poor Duncan?  We’ve successfully desensitized him to flashes!  I can’t believe it.  I seriously cannot believe it.  I think he’s finally resolved himself to the fact that if he’s going to be a part of our family, he’s just going to have to deal with pictures, because heaven knows that it’s a daily event here.
…he even lets Piper crawl over him in front of the camera.  Whoa.  Is this really our dog???


  1. I love when dogs let your baby climb on them:) My in laws have dogs and are just the same with all my babies on the few visits we make to their house each year.

  2. i REALLY need to invest in a real dog. roobie's at least a willing chew toy, but barney's no longer cutting the mustard. i'll need to show him this blog posting. he needs to up his game.