Friday, March 25, 2011

Hmm. Think this’ll be a problem?

Piper loves her baby dolls.  Loves.  She tenderly washes them in the bath (as tenderly as an almost-two-year-old will do, anyway), feeds them, gives them pacifiers, brushes their teeth and hair…  All those good things that toddler mommies are supposed to do for their babies.

Nana brought Piper a more realistic baby tonight. 

We’re praying that the baby weighs a little more than the dolly (who isn’t particularly light).

We’re also praying that the kid doesn’t have this much hair to alleviate the worry that it will be used as a picker-upper of choice. 

However, if hair isn’t present, picking the kid up by the head isn’t exactly a great option, either. 

Ohhhh dear…




**Disclaimer:  No, I don’t actually think that Piper will think that she can handle the baby this way.  She’s been obsessed with babies for months now- whenever we see them in the store, she gets very excited.  And she does know how to be “gentle”.  She does love her baby dolls, though. 

**I also have absolutely NO intention of any child of MINE having this much hair, you know, ever.  I did have more hair than Piper does, but not significantly.  Luke has more “thick” hair genes than I do, but he didn’t have much as a baby, either, just for the record.

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  1. Oh, the doll baby envy i have. lc absolutely REFUSES all things baby doll. or maternal, for that matter.

    love, love seeing sweet p with her hairy baby. adorable. :0)