Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Did you know…?

…that 3 gallon dog water buckets are really fun to carry around?

But they’re even MORE fun to throw around! 


On that note, I really must remember that when I’m downstairs in our unfinished basement and it sounds like the house is falling apart, it’s probably safe to assume that Piper has her hands on something that’s not necessarily hers…  And that it’s something really fun to drop.  Or throw.  Or bang on the floor.  It might save me many heart attacks in the years to come.


  1. Go, Piper!
    Go, Piper!!
    You are going to be a STRONG big sister!!!

    Love you, Pun'kin!

  2. Oh my goodness -my Jack is the same way. He loves to drop and throw things. And if we are in a carpeted area - he will crawl to a hard surface - object in tow - to hear it drop on the floor. So silly.

  3. LOL...Landon does the same thing....he loves to drop, throw & bang!!! Just look at how strong Miss Piper is!!! LOVE IT:)

  4. I am super impressed that she can pick up and carry all this stuff bigger than her!