Monday, March 21, 2011

Here a Chicken, There a Chicken

My mom found out that there were baby chicks and bunnies at a local farm supply store for Easter. 

And since Piper’s new favorite sign is “bunny” (and, subsequently “hop”), we just knew we had to go see.

The chicks were a day old (YES!  1 day!) and the bunnies were pretty teeny.  Piper LOVED running back and forth between the two.  Since it was a weekday, there was NO ONE there, so it was perfect for her. 

And, frankly?  I wanted to see the babies.  Piper was just a good guise by which the trip over there would be excused.

Luke decided he needed to chaperone.  Probably a wise idea.  Although I’m not convinced that he needed to be chaperoned just as much as I Piper did…

P1090344For those not versed in Pipereese, she’s signing “bunny” rather vigorously here.  She was  so excited.


P1090352She desperately wanted to pet one.  Thankfully her little arms just couldn’t quite reach.  She tried- stood on tippy toes, stood on one tippy toed-foot, tried crawling in…



She thought that if being a farmer meant playing with baby bunnies and chickens all day, she’d found her calling in life.

Until, that is, we told her she’d have to wear a pink cowboy hat in order to do so.  I think she’s moved on to other occupational endeavors.  P1090369


  1. What? You didn't take one (or two) home? Good chaperoning.

  2. oh, WHY did you have to post this? every year at this time i only BARELY talk myself out of purchasing two baby need to consider what we'd do with two GROWN and probably AGGRESSIVE ducks here in the middle of town...just livin' in the sweet baby Springtime moment. so stinkin' cute.