Thursday, March 10, 2011

Proof in the Pudding

Piper has had chocolate pudding a grand total of ONCE. 

Well, minus the pudding she had while she was in the hospital last time, but it was usually vanilla.  And really?  I figure anything that’s consumed as a distractive measure just doesn’t count.

Evidence of that experience:

Now- Piper knows that all of her favorite treats reside in the pantry.  She also knows that hers are on shelves higher than she can reach.  So, if the door happens to be open (ie not completely and securely latched shut), she’s routinely pulling out every sack, every tupperware bowl, every anything she can get her hands on…  Her favorite happens to be the half-full bag of paper napkins- you can imagine how much fun it is to pick up that.

Anyway, Piper was busy “exploring” the other day.  She’s starting to develop an ornery laugh- you know, the one where you go “huh- maybe I should make sure that the house is still intact” kind of thing.

I found Piper, and I was instantly grateful that she has yet to develop some very specific fine motor skills.

Such as opening a cup of pudding.  Chocolate pudding.  Can you imagine the mess???

DSCN1323Hmmm…  I know you have to go like this, but why isn’t it working???

DSCN1321Oh no!  You were NOT supposed to see me.

DSCN1311-1But you can’t get mad at me.  In fact, if I smile just right, maybe I could have it anyway? 

(It didn’t work, by the way…)



  1. Seriously with a face like that she should have chocolate pudding everyday! Super cute!

  2. she REALLY needs to come for a sleepover...last night lc had a bowl of homemade chocolate frosting. (and i wonder why she's a wackadoo.)
    and look, LOOK at how long those wispies are getting!!! she'll be wearing braids before we know it. :0)

  3. Chocolate pudding is my total favorite too! :)

    Tammy and Parker