Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tales of the Random Things My Kid Carries

Piper was riding on Luke’s shoulders through Target tonight.  She’d much rather have been walking, but she wanted to look at things that we, well, did not, so her choice of transportation was either riding in the card or riding on Dad’s shoulders. 

Anyway, we walked by the toy section, and the giant cage of big cheap balls caught her attention.

Her lips were so pursed from going “oooo!!!” that you could see the lines of cartilage in the tip of her nose.  Funny?  Yup.

So I decided that for $2.99, she could have (another) big giant ball.

The downside to my good intentions was that Piper then thought she should be able to PLAY with the ball from that point forward.  And it was too big for her to hold while in the cart, so we had a pouty kid for the rest of our trip who kept signing for “ball” and looking at us like we being mean for ignoring her desires. 

We finally made it home and she got to play with the ball.  She pushed it for a few minutes, banged on it for a few minutes, kicked it a couple times…

And then figured out how to pick it up.  And now that’s the sole purpose of the ball- a thing to carry. 


P1090336She was either twirling in circles here, or trying to figure out how to throw the thing.  And please ignore the dogs’ demon eyes- they do look slightly possessed….


…The dogs are constantly offering Piper their balls, so I think she was more than a little bummed when they didn’t want hers

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