Monday, March 14, 2011

Ducks, Ducks, Geese!

Poor Piper got toted today to a doctors appointment, spent over an hour in the small exam room, too much time in traffic, then dragged through Costco as we waited for tires to be replaced on the van. She did so good, and because the weather was soooo nice, we decided to go to the park for a few minutes before heading home.

LOVE that there are so many playgrounds so close to the house!  This one is going to be a new favorite, I think- toddler swings and all!

P1090316(She looks like she’s holding on for dear life here.  She may have been, but I assure you she was laughing the whole time.)

She’s getting really good at walking on grass and in the woodchips/sand in the playground.  She had a little bit of hesitation when it came to going from the grass to the sidewalk, but I think with a little practice, she’ll be a pro!  Now the problem is keeping up with her…

Piper’s learning to say “quack quack” for the sound that ducks make.  Usually if we say “quack quack”, she does the sign for duck instead.  Either way, it’s pretty cute.  So when we told her that there were ducks in the pond, she wanted to go see.  The ground was really uneven, and Luke was afraid that she was going to slide into the water, so it made for some cute daddy-daughter photos.





I’m going to have to remember to bring something to feed the geese next time.  I wonder if it would scare the pants off her?


  1. you're having tank top weather? so jealous.

  2. Love the Piper & Daddy pics. Sweet, what a beautiful day. We woke up to 2 inches of snow on our 1st day of spring break but, it was melted by the afternoon

  3. Love that swing picture, lol