Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wanna win an iPad???

One of the reasons I love love love the Ds community is just that- the community.  I LOVE that we’ve been able to “meet” so many families from all over the world, just because we all share our lives with someone who has an extra little chromosome.  Pretty cool, huh?

One of our blogging buddies, the Cannon Family, is currently in the process of bringing home this little cutie, who’s also part of the Designer Genes Club, from Eastern Europe.

For those of you who DON’T know, kids in this part of the world, when born with Down syndrome or any other of a myriad of characteristics, are sent to poorly funded, run-down orphanages.  Somewhere around their 4th birthday, they’re sent to an adult mental institution.  Pretty sad, huh?  Families like Aidan and Alayna’s give these kids a chance!

But, adopting from another country is a pricey endeavor.  Can you help our friends out?  For a measly $10 donation (that’s tax deductible, by the way), you can help bring Dariya home to her forever family.  AND enter for a chance to win an iPad, or several other prizes.  You can visit their family blog, and get entry information, HERE!

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