Sunday, March 13, 2011

Raisins. RAISINS. Really???

When we lived in San Diego, we’d fly back to Denver every few months.  And between the fog in San Diego and the weather in Denver, we had our fair share of delays.

One time while we were sitting at the gate F-O-R-E-V-E-R waiting for our flight, I kept watching a mom flying by herself with a little boy, about 4.  He was way cute- had bright blond hair- so they became my source of entertainment.

The little boy asked his mom “Mom, do you have any chocolate cake?”

The mom replied, without skipping a beat, “No, honey, I don’t have any chocolate cake.  BUT, I do have some RAISINS- would you like some RAISINS???”

The enthusiasm that came with “raisins” was hysterical.  I mean, seriously funny.  Funny enough that it’s stuck with me for probably around 7 years. 

And even funnier is the fact that the little boy got so excited for raisins, you’d think that the chocolate cake was a green bean. 

I’ve often laughed at that little interchange- and I’ve always told myself that “it’s all in presentation”.

Except for now I’m not sure it’s all in the presentation.

Piper has decided that raisins are her snack of choice.  She’ll even forgo puffs for raisins.  No joke.  The kid is in. love. 

And once she’s had her fair share (because, really, due to, um, certain “qualities” of raisins, she does get rationed on this particular fruit…), if the bag is within reach or eye sight, or she’s able to get it into her reach or eye sight, she’ll start by asking “please” nicely.DSCN1370-1

…and when that doesn’t work?raisins

I think “ticked off” is appropriate here.


  1. Too funny! Cecilia is the same way about Crasins. I have to keep them hidden in the pantry.

  2. LOL...That story cracked me up!

  3. She is too cute, even when she is ticked you won't give in. LOL