Monday, March 14, 2011

Baby Update

Luke has several days off that were “use it or lose it” before the end of the month.  So, he’s been off  a lot.  The nice thing is that he gets to go with us to doctors appointments (even though he’s getting out of my nemesis, audiology, tomorrow, but ya know…)

It also means that my honey-do list grew (…ahem, a lot) when I found out about his days off, and is now shrinking.  Which is a nice feeling with a baby on the way.  Well, nice for me.  Luke may have other feelings, but like the seasoned husband he is, he knows better than to express his opinions.

Today, we started with a doctor’s appointment downtown at 9:30.  Shouldn’t have been too bad, but Piper decided to sleep in (why, oh why can’t she choose to sleep in on days that I can sleep in, too???), and then decided to eat her breakfast at the pace of a sloth, so we left later than I had hoped.  And then we stopped at every. single. stinkin’ stop light on the way there (there’s a lot, I promise).  And then, true to downtown form, they had the street to the doctor’s office down to one lane.  So I hopped out of the car and decided to run to the office.  Which would be fine, but the sidewalk was closed, too, so I had to cross the street, go down the half a block, and cross again.  Of course, by the time I got there, Luke was following me in the car.  It was one of those “oh, really???” moments. 

Anyway, apparently everyone else in the office was running late, because it took us over an hour to see our doctor.  Piper ran out of things to do rather quickly (we brought loads of books and toys today, just in case), so she was very glad to be out of there.

We’re 29 1/2 weeks today, and everything looks perfect.  They’ve shown that if you’re at risk for preterm labor, you should have one of a few signs by 30 weeks, so I’m really glad to get to this point.  The best thing about today is that the baby has finally (as in, like, last night) decided to move out of breech; I feel less waddle-y today (is it coincidence that Piper tries to say “quack quack” now?  Hopefully she doesn’t associate the sound of a duck for the word “mom”).  She weighs about 3 pounds, which puts her at about the 35%.  Piper was born just above the 10%, so I figure that so long as she’s bigger than that (and below a certain point, too, don’t get me wrong, lol), we’re doing good.

NSTs will start next week, and we’ll keep doing ultrasounds every other week, just to be sure everything looks the way it should.

And now that we’re just about as far along as we were when Piper was born, it’s easy for me to compare our “situation” at that point in time.  The biggest difference is the lack of my GIANT feet I had by now.  I was so seriously swollen with Piper (I blame it on the obscene amount of extra fluid that Piper was generating because of the duodenal atresia) that I was wearing Crocs that were a size too big, and they were still putting HUGE imprints on my feet.  I was so miserable and I’m so thankful that it’s not the case this time.  Also, I’m convinced that I’m, in general, tons smaller than I was when Piper was born, again because of the extra fluid.  Woohoo for (little) HUGE differences! 


  1. Yeah glad baby is doing so well and staying put! Praying for a continued healthy pg and delivery!

  2. "like the seasoned husband he is, he knows better than to express his opinions", LOL!!!! You crack me up! So happy to hear that baby girl is content in there, and that you are not swollen :) We would love to see you guys before the babies get here.

  3. I knew Piper was early, I didn't realize she was this early. I'm glad to hear all is well this time around!

    While I loved all the extra ultrasounds, I never did enjoy the NSTs. Claire never 'passed' a single one...