Sunday, April 3, 2011

85 and SNOW???

It was somewhere around 85 degrees yesterday.  No joke.  I was ROASTING as we were trying to get the house put together AFTER our 9am appointment at Regis for the Balance Training Study because we had some of our local T21 buddies over for a group meeting early that afternoon (and then after that someone came to look at the baby grand piano we’re trying to sell).  More to come on the balance training- suffice it to say that it did not go as planned.

Hot.  It was downright hot.  Did I mention that it was HOT???  We had all the windows open in the house (which always feels so nice the first time of the season) and even slept with some of the windows open. 

Piper was up at ten-to-seven this morning, and the house was still toasty.  So I opened up the windows and let the sunshine in.  It was gorgeous, and such a great way to start off a Sunday morning. 

I should have taken the report seriously when it said “rain/thunderstorm/snow/windy” under today.  The high of 64 degrees happened around 10 this morning.  So when we left the house at about 10:30 to go to church, my choice of outfit for both Piper and I seemed appropriate.

Fast-forward to us walking out of church at about 12:15.  Imagine my consternation when it was SNOWING.  Like, great big, huge WET flakes kind of snow. 

The mommy guilt started to slip in as I watched my somewhat scrawny munchkin walking around the atrium in her sundress, socks (not even tights) and a sweater (thank GOODNESS for the sweater).  We still had to go to the other side of town to have dinner with Luke’s folks, and then to a 100 anniversary party for the local Grange Hall after that.  Aaaaand it was snowing.  (For the record, I had no coat, so I wasn’t neglectful JUST to Piper, I swear.)

So, anyway- we went to lunch, and the snow started to taper off when we were getting ready to leave.  It was dang cold out, but at least we weren’t getting soaked between the car and the restaurant like it did on the way in.  Oye.

We headed down the the Grange party, where Piper quickly fell into her role of “All of these people are here for me- and they’re so excited to see ME!!!”  Nana was busy cutting cakes for the day, and she was nice enough to find a piece that was missing some frosting so she kept it to the side for Piper.  Which was good, because this was Piper’s immediate reaction when she noticed that there were yummies up on that there table…



After the ceremony was over, Piper talked someone out of one of the balloons as she was busy greeting everyone and running around the hall like the Energizer Bunny.  Nana couldn’t get it off the ceiling (the really tall, industrial ceiling) when she let go, so sheee…  well…  She figured out alternative modes to affix it to my child.

You know those stores that have a big poll on the grocery carts so that everyone can see where they are?  I’m kind of thinking that the balloon-around-the-kid would be somewhat handy at our next venture out into public. 

It’s either that, or it looks (and acts) like a jet pack from the Jetsons.  I haven’t quite decided.   

DSCN1480(She’s laughing as hard as she can at herself here.  The balloon is hilarious, of course, as is her new-found love to march.  Like Hitler.  Lovely.)


DSCN1482(This is another of her favorite walking poses.  We call it “The Beauty Queen”.)


So many people, so little time.  Boy is it rough to be a little girl.

She slept during service this morning for almost an hour.  And then she fell asleep on the way home.  That was over four hours ago, and she’s still asleep.  Pretty sure she’s down for the count.

Either that, or I’ll be up at 2am with my kid who has refused to sleep longer than 10 hours at night lately.  It’ll be great fun when I show up to the OB at 9:30 tomorrow if we’ve already been kickin’ for that many hours.  Think good thoughts of sleep, would ya please???


  1. The weather has been crazy, from hot to cold just like that! But Piper looks adorable in her sundress! I love the balloon idea, I'm going to keep that in mind next time were out with a lot of people.

    Hope you got some sleep ;)

  2. We had crazy weather this weekend too. We had the door open at 9pm Sat night because the house was so hot, then snow on Sunday...