Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Anticipation

Piper loves to carry things, right?

So why doesn’t she own a purse?

I mean, really.  Poor little squirt has resorted to carrying around the wipe/changing pad container for months.

Since Easter and her second birthday are just a few weeks away, I’ve been trying to keep my eyes open for a cute little purse for her to carry.  How cute would she be walking into church with a purse???

We (ie my mom…) found a beeeeautiful one at the store today; Piper had to try it on to see how it felt.

It was a success!

It passed the “Can it be carried?” test:P1090475

…it passed the “How does it look in the mirror?” test:P1090477

…and, of course, the “Will it help me in my purchases?” test:

Most importantly, though, it passed the “Is it appropriately sized to make for a quick get-away?” test:P1090483

Unfortunately, the wonderfully pink, soft, satin flowered purse had no price tag on it. 

The hunt is on.


  1. She is adorable! She wears a purse better then I do ;)

  2. Those are the same questions I ask myself when purchasing a purse! LOL She is so cute and it looks like she does really need a purse of her own.

  3. She is so cute with that purse! I wish Emily would carry a purse instead of the myriad of items she hunts down like shoes, paper, fake kitchen food, or puzzle pieces!