Monday, April 11, 2011

What a GLORIOUS day!!!

I thought we were supposed to get an ultrasound last week at my OB appointment.  I was really looking forward to it to squelch my insecurities about finally getting past the point when Piper was born.  So I was pretty bummed when it was just an NST day; the ultrasound was this week.

It did make today’s visit more exciting, though.  The NST was the easiest yet (the first we had was excruciating- dumb technology; the second she only had one acceleration, but she’s too young still to guarantee reactivity on an NST, so it wasn’t anything to worry about, but still…)- she actually moved AND we had a reactive strip.  Quickly!  Then we did an ultrasound- everything looks great, which is so nice to hear.  She’s on the small side, but not bad, which is just fine with me.  My doctor put some (completely irrational, I admit) thoughts and fears to rest, so I left darn pretty happy and relieved.

Mom came with me to help wrangle Piper (who did fabulously today, by the way), so we decided to mess around before going home first.  We got a little shopping done (which, in total, including tax, cost me $3.25) and then had lunch at SmashBurger, which really tasted good. 

We got back to my house where I had a few minutes to get our front room put back together so that the piano movers could come and take the piano we had.  Woohoo!  Got it sold, quick!  Now we can get the piano I learned on up from Mom’s, and have a lot more space.  Yeah!

But none of that’s the best part.

The best part of the whole day?




I got pigtails to stay in Piper’s hair!!! 

That’s right, folks- at 23 months, Piper had her first ‘do.  Alleluia, Praise the Lord, let the angels rejoice!!!

She looks like such a toddler in them, I can’t believe it.  We were doing so good by the time we left the house- I bought her off with raisins to make her forget, in case you’re wondering- I got piggies in AND someone else was going to get to see them!!!  I actually got parking at the doctor’s (don’t ask…), opened up the door to the van, and one of her rubber bands had mysteriously disappeared.  And being the amateur hair-putter-inner that I am, I didn’t bring any spares.  And of course it had been long enough that she was sporting one really cute piggie and one really nasty devil horn without it.  Mom found a little clippy in the van which sufficed just fine, but still… 

That $3.25?  New rubber bands for Piper’s hair.  I honestly never thought I’d see the day…


  1. Yeah for pigs!! Piper looks so cute!

    And I do carry spare rubber bands for Claire. She like to play with her hair while drinking her bottle, so some days we do go through quite a few...

  2. LOVE the pigtails!! She looks adorable :)

  3. She looks so cute! My daughter still won't keep in a ponytail or pigtail. That is why most of her pictures, her hair is in her face.

  4. You hilarious! Pig tails was not what I was expecting! She looks adorable... as usual and I am glad that your pregnancy is going well.

  5. welcome to the club of "PIGGIES"

  6. Those piggies are SLAMMIN'. I've found the best ones for super wispy hairs (no judgement, PiperPea...referencing our own wisps here, of course)...are the ones in the infant section at Wal-Mart, wherever they display baby hats, etc. Plus they come in a handy plastic container. That fits in your purse. So you can start doing her hair when you arrive at the destination. Which is what I'm forced to do now that Pudge knows she can get my goat by ripping her hair goodies out when we're en route to anywhere. I swear, I need to have a basket of hairstyling tools and a shoe rack in the back of our vehicle, because I'm always scrambling to find both when I'm trying to get squibs OUT of that darn car.