Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring is in the Air

Easter has always been my favorite holiday.  Bunnies, flowers, candy, and pretty dresses- what more does a girl need???

Today the church had an Easter Egg hunt for all the little kids.  It was up to 5th grade, so I didn’t figure that Piper’d have much luck in the hunt, but “we” still wanted to pretend.  They started off with songs and dancing (which Piper loved, obviously), and then had a “magic” show.  And then everyone herded outside for the hunt.

But, much to my surprise, they actually had a tw0-and-under hunt!  Don’t know why I wasn’t expecting one, but it was SO perfect!  The had all the teeny-tinies in the playground area, which is small and fenced in, and made for a perfect spot.  They just had eggs scattered all over the ground, and when they started thinning out, they’d just throw more down, so there was very little “hunting” going on.  It was such a kick to watch all the kids with no idea why they were there, or what was happening.  They were just WAY cute!

Piper did pretty well until she figured out there was candy in the eggs.  Then all she wanted to do was open them all up.  My kid who never gets candy somehow knew that there were yummies inside the eggs.  Call it child intuition, I guess…

She also was very discerning about which eggs she wanted.  She’d pass eighteen eggs just for the ONE that she really wanted on the other side of the playground or in someone else’s basket.  We did lots of running after her!






By the end, she was spent.  Being the wonderfully prepared mother I am, I forgot her Easter basket at home, so we stopped by my parent’s house on the way up north from therapy at Regis.  She played there for a little bit, and then we headed straight to church.  By this point, we were way past lunchtime and way past naptime. 

Apparently candy-filled goodness is worth the work…

For anyone in the Denver area- One of the area high schools is putting on an Easter Egg Hunt next weekend for MHDSA- we’re going to attempt to get out of balance training a little early and run down to catch it, too.  Anyone else going???

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