Saturday, April 23, 2011

At what point…

…does it become more fun for the KIDS to dye Easter eggs than it is for the parents?

The carton was fun, at least…P1090538


…and she was intrigued by the eggs going in one color and out another.  She really wanted to play with the pretty blue egg. 

Catastrophe averted:P1090546

Daddy to the rescue (I was obviously too busy taking pictures to prevent the inevitable blue dye-y mess all over the floor…  My light maple hardwood floor…)P1090545

And then it happened.  She decided she’d like to play in the (pink, obviously) cup of dye, thankyouverymuch.P1090541

And with the swift hand of Daddy ensuring that it didn’t get tipped over came this face:

…and then this one…P1090548

…and this one.P1090551

Poor kid was devastated that she couldn’t get dyed like an Easter egg.  Pink and purple are her favorite colors, after all, so why can’t she be those colors???

We missed the Easter egg hunt for the Ds group this morning; we’re still trying to get over this gosh darn cold.  Oh, and it snowed.  A lot.  And hard.  Seriously?  Seriously???  SNOW?  The Easter Bunny is showing up to Nana’s tomorrow morning, so I hear, so she’ll get to “hunt” then and make up for it.

Happy Easter!


  1. Oh that poor pitiful face! We were all different shades of pink, purples, blues and reds. It wears off eventually. LOL

  2. When they turn 4. That was our magic number for Rachel enjoying the process! :) Such cute pictures, love reading all your stories!

  3. She has a great pouty face! I'd totally give her the pink dye if I were there. Last year Kiliegh, my middle daughter, dumped the whole cup of blue dye... on our carpet!!!

  4. hope you guys are doing good! can't wait until the newest girl shows up!

  5. you better post again soon or i'm going to start rumors that you had your baby!