Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tactile Development

Or, in other words, a trip to the mall.

When it's 8 degrees outside (yes, I'm serious-- EIGHT DEGREES, and NOT as a low), you get desperate to get out of the house for a little bit.  So, today we decided to venture out to see what kinds of nice backdrops we could find for photoshoots of our little peanut.  I think Piper had almost as much fun as Mom and I did.   


ZGallery proved to be a BIG hit.  Oh, the fun things they had.

There were lions...

...and Bears...

...and feather-y things, too...

Then we walked to Anthropology.  She didn't get to play a whole lot there because, well, I was afraid she'd "make a mess" on their pricey blankets...  She did, however, get to make friends with an ostrich.  Yes, an ostrich.  Really, they were kinda creepy.  And Piper almost took off one of their heads...

By this point, she tried to convince us that there must be a better way for her to travel.  This was not what she had in mind.

The most fun of the whole day was the TUTU.  That's right, Piper got to experience her first ballerina-princess fluff-puff.  I think it would have fit around her twice, but she was so much in love with it.

"Please, Nana, can't I have this???"
(it worked, by the way)

Even the ribbon was beautiful!

Could she be any cuter???

I have to say-- having an excuse to go shopping, ahem, I mean "picture taking" is definitely a perk to being a mom.  And no, it didn't cost us much.  Not today, anyway.

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