Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Baby SITTERS Club!!!

Look at our little girl!  Can you believe it???  Barely 10 pounds and SITTING! 

Okay, so admittedly, a lot is still dependent on if she feels like it or not, and she doesn't do it terribly long or very often (although she did it for about 15-20 minutes here!), and it helps if she's on something other than the hard floor (I blame it on her non-existent bottom), BUT, she CAN do it! 

...apparently she wanted to wake up an hour and a half earlier this morning just to show me. 

I think I could have waited.  I think

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  1. Merry Christmas Piper and family! Love from Olivia and family! Way to go on the sitting. Olivia can do it too in the right conditions. But the physical therapist says we cannot count it until it is side sitting and balancing with out support. Party pooper! Olivia has made great strides lately. I think the use of the therapy peanut (ball) is helping a great deal. I need to post of photo of her on it. She is getting stronger every day!