Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rockin' around the Christmas Tree

It never ceases to amaze me how many of Piper's attitudes and mannerisms seem to be innately programmed into her little head.  For instance, Piper is all girl.  Minus, of course, her desire to lick the dogs, and that she doesn't seem phased by slimy, dirty things to feel.  If you ask her if she's pretty, or cute, she curls up and shows her coy, shy face.  She loves to put clothes on (no joke- you should see her smile!).  And, whether she likes it or not, she will grow to love shoes.  All girl.  For now, anyway.

And recently we've discovered that she somehow knows the joys of the holiday season.  She loves to look at Christmas trees wherever we go (we had to wait for the loud music at church to end today, so we went to all of the trees in the foyer looking at the lights- she loved it), poinsettia plants are beautiful...  Ornaments?  Yes, please!  But best of all has been her reaction to Christmas music.  For some reason, it's like it makes her insides dance.  The old, good stuff, like Nat King Cole, or songs with full orchestras.  None of the modern junk for her, no way!  And she particularly loves anything with a trumpet (Luke played the clarinet in the Marine Corps band when he was enlisted; he also plays the sax and flute, so of course we'd have a child who doesn't like those...).  She starts singing with it, and gets all jiggly when it's on.

It's only made better when she gets to play under the tree.  Together, the two make an unbeatable combination for happy-making. 



Hmmm...  Maybe we should rename the song "Rocking under the Christmas tree"!

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