Monday, December 21, 2009

It's the most wonderful TOY of the year!

Piper has one toy (okay, two toys that do the same thing, but look different) that have been favorites for several months.  Their nicknames are "happy-makers", because, no matter what, they can get a smile out of her.  They distract her during therapy, entertain her when we're out, and give her someone to talk to when she's bored. 

"Red" and "Ellie" are her friends.  And she loves them dearly.  They are so fun because they sing, vibrate, and scooch across the floor.  The problem is that they don't move across the carpet because there's too much friction.  So, we put it on something hard and sent it scooching toward her, head on.  This is the anticipation, eagerness, and happiness that ensued.

Too bad there isn't a happy-maker for heads-of-state.  I'd like to see this face on Putin, myself.

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