Friday, December 4, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy -or- Why my Christmas tree is up, but not decorated...


I couldn't wait to get the tree set up this year.  I wanted to see what Piper thought of all the lights and ornaments.  So, reluctantly, after Thanksgiving, Luke agreed to start getting the boxes out of the crawl space downstairs.  The tree came up (which, thanks to our industrial-strength Costco buy, weighs an absolute TON), but we only got some of the boxes of decorations out, and none of our actual ornaments.  I got the tree physically erected, somehow, all by myself.  And it's pre-lit.  What I'm trying to say is that my entire rationale for wanting to put up the tree has already been satisfied.  So, here I am, not doing anything, and staring at the tree that's been up for more than a week, with ZERO ornaments on it...  sigh... 

We decided last week, kind of on the spurt of the moment, to try and refinance the house.  We've got all the paperwork done, we just had to have someone come and appraise it...  Which meant that the house needed to be cleaned.  Not that it was dirty, just disorganized.  Really.  And since Piper came, cleaning has not been my priority.  So, we found out on Monday that they were coming on Friday...  Great.

AND on Monday, I had to go to the office to tell my old boss that I wasn't going to be working for them any longer.  I was offered a job at an attorney's office on a part-time basis to help with their Medicaid applications, which was a large part of what I used to do for the county.  I'm really excited to start something new, and I'm hoping it may be more... interesting?...  than the data entry I was getting to do from home.  I'm really thankful that the county let me keep doing what I could from home-- it's just not the most rewarding/engaging/exciting job in the world.  Especially when you take out all the client contact and interesting stuff.  So, I'll start the new gig on the 14th.  Should be fun!  They're hiring me as a contractor, so I have to set up my self-employment through the state before then.  Hmm...  Maybe I should get on that, too?

THEN, on Thursday, our shopping adventure was really spurred on by my need of freezer space.  I hadn't dropped off milk for the bank since October, and had NO space left in any of our freezers (we have a deep freeze, an extra fridge/freezer in the basement, and our regular fridge upstairs-- ALL of them were full...)  So, we dropped off about 900 oz (about 7 gallons) of milk that morning, too.  I'm not sure what my total is, but I'm guessing it's getting close to 5000 oz.  All I can say is that I'm glad they don't give out t-shirts like they do for blood donors-- not sure I'd wear something that flaunted my over-abundance of baby food. 

I also had to spend some time on the phone this week trying to figure out the Synagis issue for Piper.  She qualifies for these injections based on her prematurity.  They prevent RSV, which to kids in certain high-risk groups, can be fatal.  Everyone gets RSV every year, but for most people, it's just a cold.  Which I think is partly why it's so dangerous-- it seems so innocuous.  The problem is that it is very expensive, and the insurance company has to be on board, too.  Come to find out a few weeks ago, my doctor's office was trying to bill our old insurance company.  They called and politely said that they were NOT interested in paying for Piper's vaccinations as we were NO LONGER insured by them.  And after her half-million in hospital bills, I don't blame them...  We're HOPING that sometime next week we'll be able to start those, too, before she gets sick.  Keep your fingers crossed!

So now we're hoping that things start to slow down a little bit.  I'm really hoping that they do.  I'm exhausted.  Absolutely mind-numbingly exhausted (as if you couldn't tell by what I'm sure is a somewhat incoherent post). 

I was going to put a few pictures on here, but I think this one is long enough...  They'll go on another...

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