Sunday, December 27, 2009

Daddy Dearest, by Piper

Today is Daddy's birthday.  Mommy told me how much she disapproves of it being so close to Christmas.  But I think it's okay, because it means more parties for me!

I love my daddy.  He always makes me happy and protects me.  And he's always willing for a cuddle session, too!

And between you and me?  I have Daddy wrapped around my (very) little finger, and have for quite some time.  He can already not tell me "no".  I'm sure that will come in handy for a long time to come.

Happy birthday, Daddy-- can I have some of your birthday cake, please

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  1. Oh, this made me tear up so bad!!! In a good way, of course. Aimee, now that I know this is out in cyberspace, I'll be visiting often. Love you guys......... :)