Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Grandpa!

Tonight, Piper celebrated her Great Grandpa's 80th birthday.  There was food, and people, and food, and decorations, and food.

Piper partook in meaningful conversations--

...and then she cried.

She got stuck inside a Santa hat, because someone thought it'd be cute--

...and then she cried.

It was Grandpa's birthday, but Grandma gave Piper some presents, too.  She got some red newborn-sized shoes that we're sure will look very cute for Valentine's day.  And Piper got her very own Christmas stocking, too!  Grandma's been working very diligently to get it ready for Christmas.

Piper was a big fan--


It was very fun to see everyone tonight, and even though we had a grumps-a-lot among us, everyone had a really nice time!

...and yet another disclaimer:  No, we do not usually dress our child in onesie t-shirts when it's 30 degrees outside.  But she got stripped when we were trying to figure out why she was so upset, and I thought that maybe her grumpiness had to do with her clothes.  Too bad I didn't get any pictures before she got stripped-- she was dressed to impress for the party.  sigh...  Oh well, I'm sure she'll be cute again sometime...  :)


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