Sunday, May 8, 2011

RUNNING through the sprinkler!

This was Piper’s experience last year with the sprinkler.

But this year, this year, she’s really big enough to PLAY in the sprinkler!  I’m so excited!

We went garage sale-ing on Friday (got a Little Tikes police car Cozy Coupe- can’t wait to show you what I have planned for it, a whole big bag of Little People, a Weebles castle, with all the weebles, a Leap Frog activity table, keyboard kickboard for the new little one, a drum, a xylophone, a wooden two-step stool for Piper at the bathroom sink, and a fishing pole game- all for $19!!!), and by the time we got home, we were roasty.  I got the new police car out of the van and took Piper up and down the street for a few minutes before Luke got home from work.  When he got home, he turned on the sprinkler for a few minutes- Piper was intrigued with the outside shower (she kept signing “bath”), so I took off her pants and let her go play. 

She got realllly close…


…and didn’t really seem to mind.  After some coaxing from Daddy, she decided that maybe she could go play in them.P1090577

She laughed.  At first.  For 3.2 seconds.

…and then she realized she was chilly.  And wet.  And she wasn’t sure if it was actually fun or not.  So she stopped in the middle of the grass, and got upset that she was still getting wet.  I thought for a minute that Luke was going to have to go out there and rescue her (because you know that running after the kid through the sprinkler is a Daddy’s job- I think it’s in a manual somewhere), but she turned around and came back on her own.  Crying.



She made sure that Dad knew she didn’t approve of his coaxing.  Crusties were quite abundant for a while.


…as were veeeeery silly piggies.


  1. LOL! This made me giggle!! I can't wait til it gets warm enough here in NJ to try out Colin's sprinkler! HOpefully he will be walking by then, but if not, crawling will just have to do...hope you are feeling well!!

  2. Just catching up on your blog. I love her little pig tails, they are so cute! It's so cute that she tried to run through them and so nice that the weather is finally getting nice!