Friday, May 20, 2011

One of each, please!

Dogs are absolutely one of Piper’s favorite things.  She can spot a dog (or a picture of a dog, or something that looks like it could be a dog) from 100 yards.  Usually way before I do.

Another of her favorite things are babies.  She can also spot a baby, stroller, or car seat from obscene distances.  Half the time she starts having a conniption, and I don’t believe her.  Silly me- you’d think I’d know better by now. 

So what do you get when you combine her two faves? 

The puppy store, of course.

Nana decided that Piper needed to see all the puppies.  There’s a local shop here that sells dogs from breeders (think puppy consignment- no puppy mill dogs, so we don’t feel bad about going, in case you were wondering- although this time they had an array of very ODD combinations- did you know there’s something called a Chuweenie?  How about a Chug?  Seriously- these have GOT to stop…), and we’ve been talking about taking Piper for a while now.  Problem is that they’re only open a couple days a week, and we never think about it on one of those days.

So today was the day

Piper was in seventh heaven.  The only thing that would have made it better is if they ALL (ie Piper AND the several dozen puppies) had free-range of the entire store.  Of course that would have been Piper’s preference- not mine (or the store owner’s…)

She just ran around in circles through the little shop pointing and saying “OOOO” as loudly (and quickly) as she could.  She didn’t particularly care for the little yippy puppies, but fuzzy seemed to be a big hit.  We picked up a couple and let her get really close- she did great being gentle and soft with them. 




I’m sure that Luke would NOT approve of our adventure.  He doesn’t like unsupervised visits to places like this.  Especially when I’m hormonal and in the baby mindset, lol.  Our dog Duncan, after all, is the product of a “let’s just go and look” visit. 

NOT that he can say much- I distinctly remember him INSISTING that the checkbook stay in the car when we came home with Maggie, too.  Marines aren’t supposed to be softies for cute little puppies.  That obviously worked out well for us…

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  1. Love these pics! Emily is starting to really like dogs too, she now insists that everything that has 4 legs and is furry is now a dog!