Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Just wanted to share some of my random pictures of Adalynn.  She’s pretty cute, if I do say so myself…

Two days old- this was always one of my favorite shirts of Piper’s.  I brought this little preemie onesie and a newborn one to the hospital; I really hoped she’d fit into this one, if just for a day.  I’m guessing we’ll get a little more use out of it…

One of the “signature” characteristics of kids with Ds is a toe gap.  Piper does NOT have one.  She doesn’t have long enough toes to have one, lol.  Addy, however, does, and it makes me giggle…  And also?  Look at this midline action…P1090744

We laugh that she has a very expressive face.  She seems to be very contemplative and spends a lot of time trying to figure things out.  This usually results in some serious forehead wrinkles.  This is her “oh my gosh, what is going on in my world???” face, don’t you think?P1090798

This day, her thinking time was devoted to trying to figure out what the heck that bump between her eyes was.  Then, to make it worse, every time I flashed the camera, she’d try to focus on the little red light, which made the crossing even worse…  She has, thankfully, gotten much less able (and apt) to play with her eyes the last few days.  P1090868

I, admittedly, only have Piper to compare to, but I was pretty impressed by the little munchkin holding up her head so well.  She also rolled over.  Twice.  Must be the power of the forehead wrinkles…P1090882

I think she’s going to be an outside girl, just like her sister.P1090851


  1. She is adorable, I can't wait till her and Piper can really play together, pretty that will make for some interesting blog posts...double the trouble!

  2. Too cute! She is just precious! Congrats again!

  3. hilarious and gorgeous...all in one bite. love, love, love and can't WAIT to see these girlies in action.