Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy, Happy Birthday!

Today is Piper’s second birthday.

Holy moly- can it be?

Two years ago, we met the tiniest person we’ve ever seen.  Cutest, too, but that kind of goes without saying (she is our kid, after all). 

There was so much unknown.  Worry.  Nervousness and trepidation.

If we had only known how she’d grow and change…  How WE’D grow and change…

1932 weeks

P10008346 months

P10508251 year

P108068018 months

2 years

…all of the fear of the unknown has changed into awe. 

She’s put up with more in the past two years than is her fair share.  She’s been up against more odds.  She’s faced so much.

And yet, here she is- our little two-year-old who never ceases to amaze us, never stops laughing, never stops making us laugh, and is continually growing, maturing, and learning. 

She’s our little munchkin, our sunshine, and our ornery little stinker. 

She’s our little girl, and we are so so lucky!


  1. happy birthday, piper!! soon you'll have a great big present...a new sister!

  2. Happy Birthday, Piper! We love you very much!!

  3. What a sweet girl...Happy Birthday Piper :)

  4. Happy birthday sweet girl! Oh how we love to see you grow! Enjoy your day and make sure your mom gives you plenty of cake and ice cream!

  5. Happy Birthday pretty girl Piper!

  6. Lovely post Aimee! Happy Birthday Piper!