Monday, May 30, 2011

New Trike

When you turn two, you get to have big kid toys.  And learn big kid things.  Like riding a tricycle!  Piper got one for her birthday.

It’s really cool- you can steer from the push bar and the kid can either pedal or rest their feet on a platform instead.  It also comes with a detachable support so that you can put a littler one in and you wouldn’t have to worry about them falling sideways, but we didn’t put that part on. 

At our last visit with the PT at Children’s, Pat had recommended this model because it’s one of the smallest tricycles on the market that’s easily available.  She said that the school she consults with in Saudi Arabia for kids with special needs (btw- how cool is that???) has bought lots of them over the last few years, but that they’re just becoming available here in the US.  We happened to buy this for Piper after Christmas at Costco (surprised?). 

Unfortunately, despite it’s smallness, Piper’s still about 6” away from touching the pedals at the farthest part.  Sooo, it’ll be a while before we can work on trike riding.  But, in the meantime, it’s sure a more fun, big kid way to go for a walk!   

First, she had to help put it together.  With real tools.  Yup, that’s her wielding a screwdriver.  P1090615

And then, as it started coming together, she knew what the back bucket had to be for.  She ran away and came back, squealing, with her baby doll.  Good thing she fits perfectly.P1090617

She couldn’t wait to get on, so she had to give it a feel before it was even done.  And then she and Daddy walked down the block before everyone else came over for cake.  It passed the test drive!P1090623

My hope was that I could put Piper in here and Addy in the Baby Bjorn for walks to the park this summer.  Addy, however, has a few pounds to gain before she can be packed that way, sooo we’ll see how many non-stroller walks the three of us take.  But when Daddy’s home, it works just fine!


Her posture tells a story of physical exertion.  Don’t let her fool you.  She sat there as Luke walked up and down the street.  My child who has the energy of a steam engine had to use the handle bars as a prop.  But the real reason I like this picture?  I have no idea what’s up with the kid’s hair…

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  1. I love, love, love that last picture! Pipers expression is as sweet as can be! Vada also has a Smart Trike that she got for her first birthday. She loves it!