Sunday, May 8, 2011

Getting ready for Baby

When I was pregnant with Piper, I had a lot of procrastination running through my bones.  I was nervous about her getting here and making it through surgery, so I didn’t really let myself spend too much time getting us ready for her arrival.  Her room was painted just a couple weeks before she got here, and I didn’t get things up on the walls until she was about 6 months old. 

With this baby, I think a part of me felt like if we started getting stuff ready, the kid would come, and I was, well, really not in the mood for another preemie, so we had a lot of procrastination this time around, too. 

We finally got the baby clothes brought upstairs, Piper’s clothes moved out of the baby room and the baby clothes hung up in there.  The bassinet got ironed and set up a couple weeks ago.  So now we have three kid beds and two kids- should be sufficient, yes?

Piper helped.  Dad cussed.  It was an educational day for all.


P1090490Piper decided that it was going to take long enough that Stella should take a nap before it was all done.  Besides- that way she could have her hands free to help.  …ahem, “Help”.


P1090499“Wake up, Stella!  Daddy, apparently, needs a lot more help.”



Wahoo!  Finally!

Once it was all completely done, Piper kept putting Stella into it for sleeping.  Then she’d get mad because she couldn’t reach to get her back out.  After about the 100th time of us fishing the doll out of the bed, we finally just put the both of them in there together. 

I’m pretty sure that your almost two-year-old shouldn’t fit into a bassinet.  But who’s counting?



…’cause it was sooo funny!


  1. Awesome! Love the pics, can't wait to see Piper with the new baby!

  2. oh! we had the bassinet off the legs and on the floor and rachel just loved to climb into it. and fit. yep. i just put it together last night. our crib and changing table are up too. just need a dresser! i love to prepare so this is late for me. it would have been sooner if it wasn't for the move. can't wait to she the sister's new room!