Friday, May 20, 2011

Duck Lake

Since my OB is just a few blocks away from Central Park here in Denver, after my appointment last week, we decided it’d be a good time to go for a picnic and let Piper see all the weird birds that are there.  Central Park and Duck Lake are right next to the Denver Zoo, so there are lots of bizarre duck-ish birds that reside in the big lake.  And lots and lots of geese that enjoy pestering park-goers for their lunch.  Add in a really fun (new, and different) playground, and Piper was thrilled!

She really did want to go chase all the geese, but we were a little nervous of one coming and nipping her (they are just about as tall as her, as weird as that may seem for a two-year-old).  So we finally got her to play in the playground instead.  She LOVED watching all the bigger kids, and wanted to do just what they were doing. 

She had to do lots and lots of steps (it was a GREAT place for her to practice walking up the stairs by herself instead of climbing them).P1090675

I think it was about the first time that she experienced heights.  The highest point was probably 12-14 feet off the ground, and she wasn’t really sure what to think of it.  She did great, just decided that maybe she’d figure out how to get back down.  P1090678

I think she used 800 different modes of transportation on all the different surfaces- but it did NOT slow her down.  I’m sure I looked a little silly chasing after this little squirt with my 9-month pregnant belly.  Cute, I’m sure <<insert sarcastic, rolling eyes here…>>P1090670


I am SO excited for her to actually get to USE the parks this summer.  Last year, she experienced them, but didn’t get their full effect.  This year is going to be so much fun!!!

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