Sunday, May 29, 2011

Addy Comes Home!

This little munchkin is one week old today!

We got sprung from the hospital on Wednesday.  I can’t believe how easy it was.  There were, essentially, no hoops to jump through, which was a huge difference from when we were trying to spring Piper from the NICU.  I’m totally loving this how-the-other-side-lives thing.

…even if she came home in preemie clothes that are too big…


Going home was obviously more exciting for us than it was her.  Can’t you sense her enthusiasm???  P1090754


You have to check this out:carseat

Piper’s on top, Addy on the bottom.  Piper weighed just a couple ounces less than Addy when they both came home.  I think Addy’s skin is a little darker, but not much, and their hair even looks about the same.  Piper, however, thought much less of the car seat…

Piper has done FABULOUSLY with Adalynn.  It’s been all gentle loving…P1090823


…and checking-in.P1090786

Still working on getting some cute pictures of both girls together; neither one is particularly “into” the idea just yet… 


  1. Oh man - you forget how tiny they are in their carseats!

  2. so adorable. love the car seat comparison pic

  3. piper looks sooo big compare to addy! what a great sister she is going to be! :)

  4. Aww, the pictures of your girls together are so sweet :)

  5. Oh, so beautiful! Congrats!