Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother’s Day

I love days where I can get things marked off our to-do list.  And when it’s my list because my husband is satisfying my desires because it’s Mother’s Day, it’s even better. 

Add to that 85-degree weather, and life is good.

Mother’s Day here marks the first weekend when you may be brave enough to put plants outdoors.  And since I really wanted to get the garden done before the baby arrives (I’m pretty sure that if we didn’t get it done now, it just wouldn’t…), it was time!  We spent almost all day outside today.  I think we all got overheated a little, and I’m having  a lot of mommy guilt around it right now, but we all survived.  We started with blowing bubbles and riding trikes first thing this morning while Luke took apart part of the sprinkler system that we needed to replace because it froze this winter (note to self: letting an expensive sprinkler part freeze is not such a great idea…).  Once it was off, we headed to Home Depot and I got to go flower shopping.  Wahoo! 

We got quite a few vegetable plants from Costco this week already, but they didn’t have the zucchini, cucumbers and beans that we always do.  I thought we’d just pick them up at Home Depot to prevent having to make another trip to the nursery, and just get the garden done today.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have ANYTHING other than tomatoes and peppers (really???), so that plan failed miserably.  I did, however, get flowers for the front beds, which was something.  Piper kept signing “pretty”- I’m pretty sure she had never seen anything as beautiful as all the flowers!  …at least for today…

In the end, our search for vegetable plants was unsuccessful.  But at least the front of the house is more colorful!  And the sprinkler system doesn’t leak. 

And, to top it all off, I got to sleep in and Luke made dinner.  AND he put Piper down for bed.  I’m thinking a bowl of ice cream before bed will seal a good weekend!


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