Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What do you do…

When your kid is screaming at you for dinner, but it’s still a half hour away from being cooked?

Is it sad that banging pans grated on my nerves LESS than her yelling at me?  Hey.  Whatever works. 

And never mind the one-sock-and-one-leg-warmer look- Piper picked it out… P1080760



  1. The sound of kids banging on pots and pans is heaven compared to the screaming; especially if you are trying to cook dinner. Piper is adorable!

  2. I had the same situation a couple of months ago so I thought pulling out the pans would help....wrong! We have tile floors and her dropping the pains made her scream even louder! Glad it works for you at least!!!! I'm jealous!

  3. Oh we get the screaming for dinner from both kids. You are right, at that point anything besides them throwing a fit is worth it's weight in gold.
    Love your all pot band Piper, you certainly have style girlie!