Sunday, November 7, 2010

Colin’s Coming!

Guess who WE got to meet on Friday?

Yup, Colin and his mama!  We had so much fun with the handsome little blondie.  And minus a few mishaps with the drumsticks, they had A LOT of fun together, too! 

And because pictures are just so much more fun than words, I leave you with these:


Cutest band around, donchya think??


P1080649They both enjoyed looking out the door at the dogs.  The dogs, however, weren’t as excited to look IN the house as the kids were looking OUT.


By the way?  I learned that trying to get two 18-month-olds to look at the camera simultaneously is a horrendous job.  Not to mention smile at the same time…

Thanks for coming by, you guys!  We had so much fun!!!


  1. We are paralyzed with glad you two got to meet and have some fun together!!!

  2. Pictures sure do speak a thousand words! So happy that you were able to meet and had such a wonderful time!! They sure do look cute together=)

  3. What a fun and cute playdate. Glad you guys were able to meet up!