Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Inappropriate Attire

It was 70-some degrees yesterday.  Blue skies.  Nice enough that we had to get out and enjoy it.

Mostly because we knew what was coming.

It snowed this afternoon; not a lot stuck because the ground was so warm from several weeks of way-above-average temperatures.  But it still snowed very cool quarter-sized flakes for most of the afternoon.

Piper got out of the bath and refused (and I do mean REFUSED) to let me put on her clothes.  It was much more fun watching the dogs run through the white-stuff-falling-from-the-sky, through a not-so-wonderfully-insulated door (by the way?  This is a great way to force her to stand unassisted.  She pushes off to warm up her hands not realizing that she’s standing.  I’m not above trickery…)P1080719

She was standing there so long she had fogged up the glass.  And then she thought it was funny to draw on the windows, in true kid fashion.  Naked the whole time. 

There’s gotta be some law somewhere that disallows nudy spectator sports when it’s snowing outside.  But apparently Piper missed that memo.

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