Monday, November 15, 2010

City Girl turned Tractor Driver

We got to go to White Fence Farm with Luke’s family last weekend.  It’s a fried chicken place that’s really good.  I was really hoping that Piper would enjoy all the farm animals that you can pet there, but the wooden fences made it too hard for her to see.  And then the cow sucked on her finger a little bit, which sent her over the edge (only to keep wanting me to go back after I picked her up, where, after he sixth or seventh time, the cow proceed to eat my skirt, but we won’t go into that…), so the animals were a little bit of a bust.

But she enjoyed the food- she ate, literally, half of the giant chicken breast I had, tons of the bean salad and cottage cheese…  But her most favorite was the fired corn fritters that are rolled in powdered sugar.  As an appetizer, of course.  I swear she ate almost as much as I did that day.  How she maintains her slow-and-steady growth rate, and wear her 3-month dresses, I’m not quite sure.P1080679

Anyway, before we left, she was really interested in the John Deere outside.  So, of course, we let her “drive”. 

You can’t hear her, but I’m pretty sure she was saying “whoa.”P1080687


Ooo!  What’s that?P1080694

“I think I’d like to touch that”--(and thus ended the photo opportunity- I didn’t figure the restaurant would approve of headlines in the news along the lines of “Toddler strangles on steering wheel”)



  1. I cannot get over how cute she is! She looks so tiny sitting up there on the tractor.