Thursday, November 11, 2010

Walker: Day 1- a HUGE hit!!!

Got some questions about her walker:  Our PT is letting us use one of theirs.  She has a supply of them apparently in her garage and we’ll get to use this one for a while.  It really worked out well because we didn’t have to mess with insurance to get one.  And why buy one (or make the insurance buy one) if it’s for the short-term, right?  Besides, we got it quickly this way, which was a big plus.  I did find it, though, here on Walmart (go figure- my least favorite place in the world) for about half the price it is anywhere else…  I’d have been willing to just buy it, frankly, if I needed to.


Took Piper to the mall today.  There’s a play area there that I thought she’d like, mostly because there are always a TON of kids there (I just tried to ignore the idea of germs, but we won’t go there).  I went with a friend of mine, and while her little guy was finishing his Happy Meal in the food court, I got her walker all set up for her and let her walk around, just to get used to it.  I thought it would take a little bit to get her back in the groove.

Aaaaand I was wrong.

The kid ran.  Seriously.  Her feet were travelling as fast as she could get them to move, and she was squealing in delight.  She found an older couple (she’s a sucker for grandparent-like figures) who she walked up to and just waited for them to notice her.  It worked, as if that’s a big surprise. 

I made her walk toward the play area, which included a 15’ ramp (maybe a little longer) that’s at a pretty good angle.  I figured I’d have to help her, but thought I’d see what she would do.  I kept my leg behind her just so she didn’t fall backward and spook herself, but she got up the whole thing.  All by herself!  She ran into the kid area and was so very proud.

She got the attention of most of the kids- some of the bigger kids asked why she had it, then thought it was pretty cool.  The little kids, however, fought over it.  One little dude came up and smacked Piper in the face because he wanted to play.  The mom apologized profusely as Piper showed her very exaggerated lower-lip action.  Another little boy kept trying to crawl into the walker with her, which was also quite entertaining.  Piper enjoyed all the attention, which was exactly what I was hoping for. 


She was on the move, without stopping to sit, for at least an hour, and probably closer to about an hour and a half. 

My reward for the trip?


As I’m sitting here writing this, Piper’s standing in the thing trying to decide what to do.  Just hangin’ out.  Luke just said he thinks Piper’ll dream of walking tonight she’s been doing it so much today.  We are so very excited!


  1. So glad that everything is working out so well. Hopefully she won't get too attached to it and think she can keep it forever and ever:) Good guy magnet though!

  2. That is so cool! I think it is a brilliant idea! I will have to keep that in mind as we get further along on this walking journey.

  3. Go Piper, I bet she ditches the walker in no time!

  4. Very cool - thanks for the info.