Monday, November 29, 2010

The Secret to Spoon Feeding

Don’t we all wish there was some magic bullet to learning a new skill?  You know, like one magic exercise that makes our kids sit, or walk, or eat, or…?

Well, my friends- I’m imparting to you evidence of the secret to spoon feeding!

We made waffles for breakfast on Saturday.  Usually, Piper wakes up starving, so we haven’t made a good breakfast on the weekend in quite some time.  This weekend, I decided to go ahead and feed Piper, and figured that she’d get to have some of ours afterward, too.  It worked like a charm; I just withheld some of her Kix (her new favorite cereal) so she wasn’t stuffed. 

Confession?  I LOVE to cook blueberries to have with waffles.  With whipped cream, of course.  So, that’s what we did (because, really- when you crave waffles it’s not about the waffle, it’s about the toppings…).  So I cut some skinny strips from mine to give to Piper.  And then I thought that she’d like to dip her waffles in the whip cream- sounds easy enough, right?

Unfortunately, Piper was using them like a spoon instead of biting off the waffle with each dip of cream.  She’d rather lick it off the waffle instead.   Yummy.  And it made for quite a mess.

So then we got out her silverware (this, by the way, has been a battle- most have handles that are just too big for Piper to be comfortable with- either that, or the bowl part of the spoon is so big it doesn’t fit in her mouth- finally found that the really expensive and fancy Take-n-Toss toddler pack of forks and spoons is pretty darn good…) and let her play.

She LOVED it!  She had so much fun dipping them in the cream, or stabbing the waffle with the fork. 



While the whipped cream was a big hit, it was NOT the magic piece to spoon feeding….

The magic tool?

A great big, giant spoon.


It works.

Quite well…





I used to think it was funny to give my brother a big spoon when setting the table for dinner.  It usually came with a remark along the lines of “Big spoon for your big mouth”.

I’m suddenly regretting those days…

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  1. Love that last picture! Too cute and a great idea.