Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Puppy Love, Version 2.0

My family has always had Boston Terriers.  I love them.  Apparently the level of desire is genetic.

Mom’s current Boston, Stitch, has provided endless hours of entertainment and laughter from Piper.  It’s a nonstop laugh fest when the two are together.  And if dogs could talk?  I’d put money on Stitch laughing, too.

Making pleasant small talk- you know, to be polite before the more… intimate?…  interpersonal behaviors begin.P1080806

The pursuit (although this only shows one version- at least half the time it’s Stitch coming at Piper with a sneak attack)P1080796

…and Stitch’s favorite part- sharing snacks.  Piper usually gets in trouble for this, for the record.  Also?  Piper shoves a whole handful in her mouth at once.  But when feeding them to the dog, she makes them eat one at a time.  P1080828

…Piper’s very giving.  She even took this puff out of her mouth to share with Stitch.  Such a nice girl.  (And yes, we were ROLLING on the floor after this…)P1080830

Stitch approved of the snack.  And left some on Piper’s cheek for later…

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  1. Love doggies. Max took his binky out of his mouth and threw it across the room, so he could get more slobbery dog kisses tonight. Apparently open mouth kisses are much better than if the binky is blocking the tongue.