Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Growth Charts

I’ve admitted before that I’m a number person.  I’m also a fairly visual person, so I really like to see the facts to know what they really mean.

A few months ago, I was looking at the Ds growth chart (trying to figure out what size of clothes to be looking at for the next couple seasons), and figured out that, by age 3, Piper’ll be closer to her peers than she is now. 

So I took the CDC growth chart for typical girls and plotted the 5% (because that’s where Piper sits) on the same chart.  (MedCalc has a Ds chart that uses the 5% and 95% instead of he 10% and 90%- I was looking a few months ago and couldn’t find one.  They also will adjust for prematurity at the same time.)   I thought it was kind of interesting, and thought you guys might, too. 

Just that dumb ol’ curiosity…

growth chart

I love the way that, between 10 and 16 months, Piper was IN the informational box.  Pretty sure that’s not supposed to happen.

Notice that, between about 16-18 months, the discrepancy is the greatest.  She’ll start catching up (if you can call it that) now.

By the way- did you know that they’re in the process of redoing the Ds growth charts?  In a couple of years they should be all ready for mass usage.  I’m really glad that we don’t have them yet- they anticipate the curves to increase considerably (they haven’t been done since the 80’s, I think), which, I have a feeling, will leave Piper in the dust.  Hopefully by that point, she’ll be a little higher on the curve!


  1. We're hanging out below the DS curve ourselves. Ummmm...LC, that is. Jace is working his way toward the OTHER end of things. Tank.
    I was looking over LC's statistics and was rather miffed to see she's gained all of 3 pounds in the past year. Jace has accomplished more weight gain than that in the past 2 months. Oh, well. Cute and ornery must be VERY good for the metabolism.

  2. We're actually on the Ds chart finally and looking to be between 5-10%! Thanks for finding that chart though. Our nutritionist and pedi both use the Ds chart which is nice, but none of her other doctors do...can't figure that one out yet...or maybe THEY haven't changed since the 80's either!

  3. Anna is a horse compared to Piper. In fact, she is off the Ds charts on the other end -- and holding steady at about 50% on a typical chart. I guess that would explain why I just had to switch all her tops to 3T in order to cover her belly =)