Monday, November 1, 2010


My, officially, NOT toothless child!

That’s right folks, after almost 18 months, my kid, finally, has a tooth.

At least the start of one.  As in, it just cut through and you can feel it more than you can see it.  But still.  It’s there.  The kid has a tooth.

So, in my moment of celebration, I decided (dumbly) to try and get a picture.


P1080610 P1080613


Oh, the horror…


  1. Aimee, you are too funny! I love that you tried though. So cute. It took a while but now they'll probably all come in at once ;)

  2. We tried to get a picture of Emily's first tooth also and we were definately unsuccessful...we managed to take a picture of drool and that's about it! Glad Piper finally has a chomper...bring on the steaks!

  3. that's about what rachel's first tooth pics looked like too. watch out for those chompers...they are sharp!

  4. Congrats Piper...Cracking up at the trying to get a picture of it! LOL

  5. YEAH!!! How exciting! Now lets hope its not to painful.

  6. Yeah...we didn't even go there, thanks to others bloggers attempts! You'll see it eventually when she smiles big, and you can photograph it then! I see Jack's one little tooth frequently during feeding therapy - thrills me every time!

  7. Love the reactions from her. YEAH, Piper a tooth! I only feel Jack's 2 first teeth poking through his gums, he gaurds it like a treasure.