Sunday, November 14, 2010

Piper, Piper Pumpkin Eater

I hate the smell of fresh pumpkin.  Hate it.  The only pumpkin-flavored dish that I like is pumpkin cake (but who doesn’t???), and that’s about it.  Anything in the gourd family is not my idea of a good vegetable.  Period.

When it comes down to carving pumpkins, I have never enjoyed the craft.  I particularly hated digging the guts out.  So when Luke decided to roast the seeds last week, it was his job.  And since I wasn’t going to be any help, he enlisted Piper’s support.

Get ready…P1080696

The initial analysis:



…and now for the true test of fun-ness:  Taste! (which truly brings tears to my eyes thinking of the horrendous taste, and god awful texture, of raw pumpkin…)



The verdict?P1080710

That’s my girl.


  1. That kiddo is cute doing anything, even if it involves slimy pumpkin guts!

  2. Ha ha ha! I figured she would have pumpkin & pickles LOL!