Sunday, September 5, 2010


We finally made our way to the zoo last week!  I wasn’t sure that Piper would be able to see the animals, or know that they were animals, for that matter, but they had a litter of baby tigers, a couple baby giraffes, a baby orangutan, and several other babies, so we decided to go.

Piper LOVED it.  She watched the lions first- in complete awe.  She really liked watching the tiger cubs bounce around- and she even screamed in laughter at the mama. 

About the best part, though, was the lorikeet house.  You could go in and get little cups of nectar to feed the birds.  Lorikeets are so brightly colored, so they made great things for Piper to watch. 

We found one, and got about a foot away- then it started squawking at her.  She wasn’t too sure what to make of that, so we walked around for a few more minutes. 

In the end, though, she was ready to take one home!

Apparently they were real scared of her- can’t you tell?

It started with one…P1070737

…then his friend came over, too--P1070738

Pretty soon, she had a whole flock.  She moved really slowly so that she didn’t scare them- kinda funny that reflex seems innate in us…P1070739

We walked through the monkey and ape exhibits (and, man oh man, was the baby orangutan cu-u-u-u-ute!), and found this, albeit kinda creepy, ape to sit on. 

And me, being the amazing mother that I am, sat my kid in it for a picture. 

I couldn’t get any cute faces from her, but chalked it up to her getting a little tired.

Until I picked her up.

And discovered that I had sat her in a 3” deep puddle of shaded rain water.  Frigid rain water.

Her pants?  Absolutely soaked.  Her diaper?  Disgusting.  And did I have an extra set of bottoms for her?  I’m an amazing mama, remember, so of course I did not.  Poor kid rode in the stroller for the rest of the zoo with her diaper-clad rear. 


Did she let it get her down?

Absolutely not.



  1. sounds like a great day except for the wet cold butt. i agree with piper...being wet and cold stinks!

  2. Oh what a fun day (besides the freezing cold bum). But, she seems no worse for the wear mom. =)

  3. I love the picture of her with her little birdie friends!