Thursday, September 2, 2010

Growth Spuuurt!

No, not the kid.  She’s gained about 3 or 4 ounces since her last appointment.  Typical…

BUT, her feet are a different story.  Since her birthday, she has had a very significant growth spurt.

Her therapist says that when kids start really spending time on their feet, it tends to spread the bones a little more.  And it makes sense- Piper easily spends half (and probably closer to two-thirds) of her waking hours on her feet nowadays, and it’s been steadily increasing since April or May.

She’s has finally.  Officially. grown out of her size 0 Keds (although her size 0 sandals are still sufficiently large).

I honestly didn’t think this day would come.  Ever.

She’s comfortably in her new size 1 tennies that I bought a few months ago (which I’m now glad I did).

Size ones are still a little hard to come by, but twos, TWOS you can find.  And with  big socks on, she can wear them!!!

Add to that remarkable finding that Nordstrom Rack has TONS (GOBS) of baby shoes on clearance, and great clearance StrideRite’s at Dillard’s this week, the kid’s show wardrobe has had a glorious boost.

Pink and white Nikes.  With ruffle socks, of course.  She has some great heal-to-toe action with these, but because they’re a little long, her step is a little awkward.  But it’s getting better.

P1070695Purple (!!!) New Balance.  Who’d have thunk???


P1070697And these, I know, are boy shoes.  But how cute would they be under blue jeans this winter?  They’re actually size ones, so they fit a little better.  Of course, I’m leaving out the detail that they only cost $7.50, which makes them exponentially more cute.

Buying baby shoes was one of the things I couldn’t wait to do…  I think it’s been good that I couldn’t just walk into a store to buy them.  Until now…

Poor hubby.


  1. Love the purple! Although I bet they weigh as much as you do =)

  2. i love them all! rachel doesn't own a pair of shoes yet but with winter around the corner, she needs something to cover up her tootsies. guess i need to get shopping too! :)