Thursday, September 9, 2010

Peeping Piper

Piper’s discovered that she can stand up on things that don’t have a ledge for her to get her hands on.  She’s really quite skilled at it these days- the walking of hands up a surface as her legs slowly push her up.  You know, because my kid has to be 100% in control of her body.  At all times.  Period.

She yelled at me this week.  Literally.  I had a ticked-off, mad-as-all-get-out, flabbergasted in awe, little twerp.  Why?  Because I had the gall to take a shower without her.  So as she was explaining to me why she was mad, she decided to stand up on the glass shower doors.  Unfortunately, that means that I couldn’t get out of the shower.  Yeah, that was fun.

But the most fun thing she can do with this newly acquired skill is watch the dogs as they play outside.  She’ll stand and look out the window for as long as the dogs are out.  She laughs at them, yells for them to come to where she can see them, and kisses on them through the glass (ew). 

Someone please explain to me why my child’s favorite toys the last few weeks have been boxes of tissue, screen doors, lint rollers, a box of ribbons [that’s still sitting on my coffee table begging to be untangled], flexible measuring tapes, pieces of paper…  And then, if you could please explain to me why, exactly, we continue to put money into new toys.






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  1. Hey! I've been following your blog for a little while now...I'm making a DS awareness video and I was wondering if I could use Piper's picture in it :)
    Me and my mom think Piper is absolutely adorable!!